Committed to Restoring Rivers in Vermont

Free VT Rivers is a project of the Vermont Dam Task Force, a group of river and fish biologists, anglers, community members, freshwater advocates, conservation organizations, and state and federal regulators who are working to restore and reconnect our rivers to support thriving fish populations, improved recreational access, and a river's natural capacity to handle flooding.


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    As individual organizations, we support and advocate for sound policies that protect river health and ensure dam safety for people and communities.

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    We incorporate science based research and data to inform much of our work. Whether we are screening dams for ecological impacts or implementing best migration practices in our dam removals, our projects are informed by river scientists, fish biologists, and the greater conservation science community.

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    Removing dams and reconnecting rivers takes partnership and cooperation. The Vermont Dam Task Force is a convening group that provides a platform allowing concerned citizens and agencies to assess, prioritize, and facilitate project implementation.